My name is Cara.

Some people call me Ramona.

I am currently a freelance art director and illustrator from Manila, Philippines.

I worked as the art director for a kids' magazine for 7 1/2 years—and it was some of the most AWESOME years of my life—but then I decided I needed to step out of my comfort zone and give working for myself a shot. (It's a lot of pressure. My boss has set really high expectations for myself.)

In my free time, I love drawing colorful and silly things like talking ice cream cones, millennial sharks, and rainbow uniwhales.

Aside from doodling and designing, I also love crafting, baking cookies, traveling, going to the beach, eating ramen, and having breakfast food (PANCAKES! WAFFLES! BAAACON!) for dinner. Actually, I could eat breakfast food all day.

I've recently turned some of my illustrations into stickers, pins, and shirts that are so darn cute you'll want to buy everything! *wink, wink* Get 'em here and make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates.